About RTTC


The Rossmoor Table Tennis Club is dedicated to promoting table tennis as a life-long sport for players of all skill levels  Additionally, whether a player is looking to learn the game, sharpen his or her competitive edge, or simply have a bit of fun, RTTC is proud to meet all of those needs in a very welcoming environment.  Many players haven’t played table tennis in decades, but are amazed and pleased at how quickly skills at any level learned long ago quickly return just by playing.


We play in the new Clubhouse, opened in June 2013, on Lower Golden Rain Drive.   It is open for play 7 days a week. Rossmoor has this state-of-the-art Table Tennis Clubhouse with five table tennis tables, robots, a serve net, a mini kitchen, restroom facilities and a social area. The new facility was awarded the 2013 Walnut Creek Action for Beauty Council Architectural Award. It is an ideal facility for both casual and tournament play. For information about the Table Tennis Club, call Fran Free 650-224-4118 0r Jane Vinson at 938-3843.

—Play at your own risk.
—Shoes must be gym shoes for safety, with non-marking soles.
—Food & drinks are not allowed in the playing areas.
—Non-resident guests, including children, must be accompanied by a     resident or member at all times.
—Children may use club paddles and balls but no other club equipment.
—Sign-in before start of play is mandatory.
—No dogs are allowed.
—No alcohol is allowed at any time in the club building.


—Singles & doubles:  players may stay on table only if no other players are waiting.  If two or more players are waiting, two players must leave table.
—Game length:  typically, those waiting are invited to play after completion of (a) one game of 21 points, (b) 2 out of 3 games of 11 points or (c) after 10 minutes of rallying.
—Rotation:   players must rotate out to allow others to play.
—Challenges (singles & doubles):  Winners must rotate off table after winning two 11 point or two 21 point matches in succession; if no one is waiting, winning doubles team should split up before continuing to play.
—High noise level: In consideration of others, players should keep loud noise to a minimum.  If noise level is bothersome and interferes with play,  either  (1) the person bothered should courteously mention it to the offending player or (2) the point may be taken over.
—Open play hours:  Residents and accompanied guests are welcome to play during open play hours as indicated on the play schedule.

“Guest” is defined as a non-resident of Rossmoor. Associate Members are excluded from this definition.
1. Guests, including children, must be accompanied by a resident or member at all times.
—A guest must await the arrival of his/her sponsor before playing.
—When the sponsor/resident leaves the club premises, the guest(s) must also leave with the resident.
—The guest may not return as the guest of another resident to prolong his/her playing time on the same day.
2. Only the resident or member, not the guest, must sign in for him/herself as well as
the guest before start of play.
3. If members are waiting to play, those waiting members have priority and guests must
rotate off the table.
4. Associate Members may not invite other guests to the table tennis club.
5. Residents may sponsor up to four (4) guests at a time.
6. Guests are permitted only in the hours indicated on the **play schedule, specifically hours in green with any noted table usage limitations.

**The play schedule is posted in the club’s display box outside the entry door, in the Roster/Handbook and on the club’s website http://www.rossmoorttc.wordpress.com



Seated l-r: Mietek, Fran, Jane; Standing l-r: Fred, Frank, Liz,Winnie, Len, Anne.  Photo by Mike di Carlo, Rossmoor News


Executive Board:

President: Fran Free
Vice President: Mietek Boduszynski
Secretary: Jane Vinson
Treasurer: Anne Kuritsubo


Membership/Email: Winnie Liu
Publicity: Frank Duscha
Social/Sunshine: Liz Keeley
Tournament/Training: Frank Chui
Building/Equipment: Len Boone

Annual dues for 2019 are $15 per person. This fee allows the club to purchase equipment as needed (robots, balls, paddles, etc) and to subsidize food and drink costs at several social and tournament events during the year. We invite you to participate. Come and check us out, pick up a membership application at the club or click on the website’s JOIN RTTC tab and print the membership form.

The website is here to serve members and residents of Rossmoor, so your recommendations for improvements are welcome.