Sports Benefits

1. The biggest advantage is having set times reserved when you can go to play with people at your skill level.

2. Plus, there is the benefit of having a group of people to play with that you can measure your skills to determine whether your game is improving or dwindling.

3. Can play in tournaments. (in-house and other club tournaments).

4. To be able to use the robots and serve net to improve your skills.

Health Benefits

1. Improve your reflexes and reaction time. Increase your eye-hand coordination.

2. Ease the stiffness of age, improve your physical condition.

3. Tone up all your muscles naturally and at once, and improve your strength.

Social Benefits

1. Camaraderie and somewhat of a social event at the club’s play times.

2. A place to play with welcoming players who become good table tennis friends.

3. A place to admire good shots and laugh together at some wildly missed ones, but never
 laughing at each other personally.

4. You’re invited to social events the club sponsors, such as potlucks, with people who have a
 common interest such as table tennis.

From the above, you can safely conclude that if you want to stay fit and healthy, and/or you enjoy the company of sport loving people, and/or you would like to become more proficient at the game of table tennis, then RTTC has many benefits for you.